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Our mission is to inspire the customers and to meet the desires of customers

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Why Choose BCA?

Quality Promise

BCA follows stringent quality measures and we take safety and security very seriously. The highest safety standards are being followed to make this a mighty success.

Individual Attention

Our specialists offer individual attention to each project therefore ensuring that we cover all bases from installation, safety, maintenance, etc.

Qualified Specialists

Trained and qualified specialists to handle, assemble and maintain the gaming equipments therefore ensuring that all safety measures are adhered to.

Bluechip Amusements Creating A Multi Dimensional Experience

Bluechip Amusements being manufacturers and suppliers of edutainment and entertainment solutions offer plenty of other entertainment equipments that can be fitted into theatre projects, shopping malls, edutainment centers, cinemas, expos, exhibitions, etc. List of products on offer by Bluechip Amusement are;

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